Sarah Steinhoff
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May 12: 24 weeks and counting!

May 9: Mother's Day. We went to lunch at Carraba's with my family. Valerie and Dani gave me a really cute gift basket with baby stuff. The Bean moved with enough force that Matt could actually feel it. I think she was just excited by the Survivor finale.

May 3: Had a sonogram. Everything looks good. The Bean is the right size, has the right number of appendages, the right number of chambers in the heart, etc. etc. Next appointment on June 1 will check for gestational diabetes. Fun!

May 2: We went to Adam and Laine's house so Matt could help them figure out their wiring issues. The house looks great!

April 27: Matt and I went to Ben & Jerry's to get our free scoop of ice cream. That's what we did on one of our first dates. Flashback!

April 16-17: We went to Southern Georgia with Matt's parents for the TOSRV ride. Lila and I had a good time driving around and chatting while Matt and Ken tried not to die on their bicycles. A good time was had by all.


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