Sarah Steinhoff
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A Photographic History of the Past 4 Years

Mafia Moms at Chili's
Mafia Moms Do Bunko
hurricane damage in college park and me
first annual loglympics
our damage from hurricane charley
dani and i goofing off in the driveway
val and dani threw us a baby shower and ken took pictures
val and dani threw us a baby shower and erynn took pictures
matt has destroyed more of the family room
the crib is assembled
matt dug a trench and ripped out our fireplace
vacation at cocoa beach and st. augustine
i got presents on mother's day
baby pictures
we told matt's parents about the bean
we chaperoned at youthquake
we spent christmas in colorado
what matt got for christmas
matt went to minnesota
halloween 2003
i turned 31 so we went pontooning
s.e.e.k. cooked at the ronald mcdonald house
my family got together for dinner at hooters
my pyrex collection
welcome back s.e.e.k. pool party
i got contacts - and i tend to squint in pictures
vacation at kentucky lake
matt was robbed, but we got free movie tickets
end of year s.e.e.k. pool party
ryan and julia got married
we fixed dad's fence
recently acquired miscellaneous pictures
brother-in-law josh turned 22 - i made the cake
started planting a front garden
matt bought a web cam
skiing in colorado
great youth celebration - 15 kids in one van
general christmas festivities
greening the church for christmas
matt and ken ride the bay lake loop
how we celebrated laine's birthday
dani's church wedding (not to be confused with the beach wedding)
another business trip to denmark
painting in west palm beach
we went west
we went west, part two
pretty murals in the keys
where we stayed during a second bike trip in the keys
adam gave matt pants for christmas (you'd think he'd never owned pants before)
thanksgiving at adam's house
matt make big fire
my 29th birthday
mary lee turned 80 so we all went to new mexico
business trip to denmark
first bout with paint (i like bright colors)
my first cheesecake - mango
aunt marty and cousins come to florida, part three
aunt marty and cousins come to florida, part two
aunt marty and cousins come to florida
trip to ohio - land of the booths
business trip to seattle
boys and their toys
our bat-like squirrels and other things
corn, squirrels and bikes
squirrel feeder crop
mother's day week at cocoa beach
adam buys a house
tree trimming and bike pedaling
celebrating my anniversary with the in-laws
how i spent my first wedding anniversary
more bicycle riding in the Keys
bicycle riding in the Keys
my grandmother died
car goes crash
snow angels, sledding and a big arch
seeing snow in st. louis
my sister dani, for the most part
house hunting (we choose #6)
pulling my wisdom teeth
intruders at our apartment
my wedding
matt and i get awards
matt proposes
my dad married patty
horseback riding - my birthday adventure
matt went to denmark for the first time
matt took me on a picnic


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